San Jose Municipal Rose Garden

The Rose Garden region is a historic area that surrounds the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden. There are numerous local assets that draw buyers to this very desirable area.

New Library

In 2006, the Rose Garden branch of the San Jose library was built kitty corner to the Rose Garden on Naglee Ave., immediately adjacent to 3 schools.

Lincoln High School

Lincoln High school, located 1 block from the Rose Garden, is a magnet for the visual and performing arts.

Bellarmine College Preparatory

Bellarmine College Prepparatory is a 150-year-old Jesuit-founded private high school located in the Rose Garden area.

O'Connor hospital

O'Connor hospital is located on Naglee Ave., a few blocks from the Rose Garden.

Santana Row & Valley Fair

Some of the best shopping in the south bay is located about a mile from the Rose Garden, with Santana Row and the Valley Fair (Westfield) shopping center. Santana Row is also a local hot spot for nightlife.

Local demographic

Due to its proximity to local medical centers and downtown San Jose, a high percentage of physicians & professionals live in the Rose Garden area.